Collections: CS1

• Home & Away Aware: Geofencing

• New LUX App available on IOS & Android Devices

• Money Saving Programs: Demand Response & Rebates

• Smart Scheduling Custom & Auto

• Manage multiple users, locations and multiple devices through thermostat management.



Comfort is Now User Friendlier

The affordable CS1 Smart Thermostat has a full suite of smart features, including Home & Away Aware geofencing to detect whether or not you are in the house, smart scheduling and energy cost predictions all from a simple to use smart device designed to make life easy, and comfortable .


CS1 Pairs with the redesigned LUX App for maximum comfort and control. The new cutting edge technology makes life easier, and more comfortable. Best of all, its free on Android and IOS devices!

Comfort On Command

Your comfort is just a voice command away, control CS1 with compatible voice assistants Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to adjust your temperature and comfort.

Product Specifications

• Modes: Heat, Cool, Auto, Emergency

• Conventional: Forced air, gas, oil & electric furnaces

(up to 2H/1C)

• Heat Pumps: With or without Aux/Emergency heat

• Power: C-wire, Power Wire (included) or LUX Power Bridge

(sold separately)

Spec Sheet | Quick Start Guide

Product Manual